The Project

Lodge de La Reine is an exclusive resort of spacious private chalets surrounding a central Lodge Chalet, that
brings comforts of five-star hotel service together with an unparalleled collection of amenities.

Project - Lodge de la Reine

Lodge de La Reine oers the ultimate in Swiss Alpine Luxury. From sports, leisure, wellness and social encounters, it is a destination designed in every detail to create the perfect atmosphere for guests with shared interests and tastes that come together.

And much like a private estate, it oers a heaven of peace far from the cares of the world. With its stunning location and epitome of luxury alpine living, Lodge de la Reine is at once, a place of exquisite elegance and genuine transquility.

* The project is fully compliant with Swiss legislation and classified as “permanent establishment” as defined in par.2 art.2 litt.a LFAIE (Lex Koller).
The site’s development plan (PAD) was approved in late 2015. Construction start is scheduledfor July 2019.